Yossi Gandelsman

I am a PhD student at Berkeley AI Research, advised by Prof. Alexei Efros. I work on computer vision and deep learning problems. I am funded by the Google PhD Fellowship.

Previously, I was a member of the Perception Team at Google Research.

I completed my M.Sc. at the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Weizmann Institute of Science, advised by Prof. Michal Irani, and a B.Sc. at the Open University of Israel.

Selected Publications

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The More You See in 2D, the More You Perceive in 3D

  • Xinyang Han*, Zelin Gao*, Angjoo Kanazawa, Shubham Goel† and Yossi Gandelsman†
  • CVPR 2024 [Spotlight]
  • paper | project page | code

Interpreting CLIP's Image Representation via
Text-Based Decomposition

Rosetta Neurons: Mining the Common Units in a Model Zoo

  • Amil Dravid*, Yossi Gandelsman*, Alexei A. Efros and Assaf Shocher
  • ICCV 2023
  • paper | project page | code

Test-Time Training with Masked Autoencoders

Visual Prompting via Image Inpainting

  • Amir Bar*, Yossi Gandelsman*, Trevor Darrell, Amir Globerson and Alexei A. Efros
  • NeurIPS 2022
  • paper | project page | code

MyStyle: A Personalized Generative Prior

  • Yotam Nitzan, Kfir Aberman, Qiurui He, Orly Liba, Michal Yarom, Yossi Gandelsman, Inbar Mosseri, Yael Pritch and Daniel Cohen-Or
  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (journal track)
  • paper | project page | video

Deep ViT Features as Dense Visual Descriptors

  • Shir Amir, Yossi Gandelsman, Shai Bagon and Tali Dekel
  • ECCVW 2022 ["WIMF" Best Spotlight Presentation]
  • paper | project page | code

Explaining in Style:
Training a GAN to explain a classifier in StyleSpace

  • Oran Lang*, Yossi Gandelsman*, Michal Yarom*, Yoav Wald*, Gal Elidan, Avinatan Hassidim, William T. Freeman, Phillip Isola, Amir Globerson, Michal Irani and Inbar Mosseri
  • ICCV 2021
  • paper | project page | code | video | blog post

Semantic Pyramid for Image Generation

  • Assaf Shocher*, Yossi Gandelsman*, Inbar Mosseri, Michal Yarom, Michal Irani, William T. Freeman and Tali Dekel
  • CVPR 2020 [Oral]
  • paper | project page | video

Double-DIP: Unsupervised Image Decomposition via
Coupled Deep-Image-Priors